Utility Engineering

Utility Engineering

Engineering and Design Services for Investor Owned & Municipal Utility Companies

PSI provides reliable and cost effective engineering, design and consulting services for public and municipal electric utilities. We deliver fully outsourced projects, engineering studies as well as staff augmentation with the coordination and communication of an in-house operation.



Our personnel have disciplines covering electrical, civil, structural, and mechanical engineering. Our staff is skilled in transmission, substation, protection and control, system modeling and distribution engineering. Additionally, PSI team members are deeply engaged in assisting financing companies as well as State and Local Governments to understand the evolving landscape of renewable energy and to identify practical solutions to the development, financing and execution of projects that will aloow these projects to move forward with positive impact to our aging Grid infrastructure.



Waste Water Treatment FacilitiesPSI helps Utilities to undertake distribution automation projects and infrastructure/substation upgrades while at the same time reliably and safely bringing on renewable resources with integrated, two-way, real-time communications and control.


Demand Response

PSI offers demand response evaluation, planning and execution through our verified partner network. This is an often untapped opportunity that generates attractive revenue with no risk to operations or employee comfort.


Power Protection & Controls (P&C)

Power Protection & Controls (P&C)We develop protection relaying schemes, specify equipment, and calculate relay set points for medium and high voltage systems.


Renewable Generation Projects

Renewable Generation ProjectsPSI has capabilities to design utility grade renewable energy systems and can provide full EPC services for Solar and Cogeneration facilities.


Interconnection Services

Interconnection ServicesUtilities outsource interconnect studies to PSI. We are capable of modeling through a variety of software packages for transmission and distribution.


Substation Engineering

Substation Engineering (P&C)PSI provides engineering services for new and upgraded substations. This includes coordination studies, equipment specifications, layout, and protection and control.


Design & Drafting Services

Design & Drafting ServicesPSI is involved with various utilities to provide
staff augmentation for drafting services through full
system designs.

Strategic Consulting Services

PSI’s Utility consulting services include: Distributed Generation; Demand Response; Smart Grid Product and Service Consulting; Industry Standards/Best Practices Consulting; Energy Legislation Tracking and Analysis; strategic and new markets initiatives analysis; Distributed Generation RFP and Technical, Operating and Financial Performance Evaluation Standards Development advisory services; and Distribution and Transmission Engineering and Design Automation services, Microgrids and District Energy.

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Renewables and On-Site Generation


Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Concentrated Solar, Wind, Fuel Cell, Cogeneration (CHP)

PSI designs and constructs renewable energy power plants, both behind the meter of customer’s facilities and as feed in power for utilities. As a technology-agnostic engineering partner, we aim to custom-tailor the right renewable solution to a particular operating environment -not to sell you on a specific type of technology.


Solar PV Systems (Design, Civil Structural, Electrical Engineering)

Team of ArchitectsPSI manages full PV system design, civil, structural and electrical engineering as well as permitting and Construction Management of your Solar PV, Solar Thermal or Solar Cogeneration plant. We are experts in rooftop, ground mount and parking canopy mounting structures. EPC services are also available.


Cogeneration (CHP), Microgrids, District/Community Energy; Anaerobic Digestion with CHP

Cogeneration (CHP)Fuel Cell, Cogeneration (CHP), Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP), Turbines, Micro-Turbines, Bio-Mass: Which of these technologies is right for your facility/community and how they are knitted together depends on a wide range of factors. Our technology-agnostic team will determine which is best suited to your needs.



Cogeneration (CHP)PSI’s team of industry experts will bring 3rd party financing into project discussions for clients wishing to explore alternative methods of funding large projects without tying up their own capital.


Engineering, Procurement, Construction Services (EPC)

Engineering, Procurement, Construction Services (EPC)PSI provides full service engineering, procurement and construction services for on-site generation and renewable projects. If you seek a turnkey solution, we are your Energy Engineers.


Project Evaluations

Whether you are a Utility Company or in the Industrial, Institutional, Commercial or Municipal space, having a capable, trusted, technology-agnostic third-party advisor available to review prospective projects will ensure that you only invest in projects that will succeed — both financially and technically. PSI has the broad expertise necessary to provide you with the best guidance possible.


Renewable Energy/DG Project Consulting

Renewable Energy/DG Project ConsultingOften our Clients require a range of energy-related services prior to taking action — PSI currently acts as a consultant to large public Utilities and business entities to provide a range of energy consulting services across their entire energy sustainability platform.

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Energy Efficiency

Utility Engineering

Energy Efficiency Studies, In-House Design & Engineering, Turnkey Project Delivery

PSI believes that energy conservation is the first, best step in helping a facility to reduce Utility expenditures. We are expert in the initial facility evaluation, incentive identification & capture, solution modeling, financial business case and delivery of efficiency projects. PSI’s “whole facility” approach to energy efficiency ensures that you will fully leverage available financial incentives from your Utility provider, who are eager to provide the funds they solicit through systems benefit charge – which are paid by Utility customers like you.


ASHRAE Energy Audits

ASHRAE Energy AuditsPSI’s Certified Energy Managers (CEMs) evaluate total energy profile and requirements and tailor solutions to meet a client’s longer-term goals in energy optimization and carbon footprint reductions. PSI routinely performs Level I, II and III ASHRAE Energy Audits as a precurser to idenftifying finacially-compelling efficiency projects for consideration by our clients.


Incentive Identification and Capture

Incentive Identification and CaptureThe financial incentives for energy projects are complex. Our in-house team of incentive experts maintains a database of active and pending incentives for each state in which we operate to ensure that we identify and capture every dollar possible to fund your energy projects.


Power Factor Correction

Power Factor CorrectionOften overlooked, low Power Factor frequently results in a financial penalty by your Utility provider. PSI can help you to determine if your facility might save money via execution of a Power Factor Correction Project. If so, we have in-house expertise in designing the correction and in installing the hardware required. Low cost/fast payback.


Measurement & Verification

Whether to comply with current or pending Benchmark & Disclosure regulations or because you want a firm handle on your facility’s energy performance, PSI will deploy low cost, whole facility energy energy measurement & verification tools that will provide you with up-to-date information and monitoring.


Energy Master Planning & Consulting Services

Energy Master Planning & Consulting ServicesIf you are like many of our clients, you have a lot on your plate. Before moving forward on energy-related projects, it is advisable to step back and look at energy savings opportunities within the larger context of your overall goals and objectives. PSI brings a wide range of energy and general business knowlege to bear in assisting you with your Energy Master Planning.


Energy Project Consulting

Often our Clients require a range of energy-related services prior to taking action — PSI currently acts as a consultant to large public Utilities and business entities to provide a range of energy consulting services across their entire energy sustainability platform.

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