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Thus, during the war, anti-government proclamations Appeared at the Bryansk plant approximately quarterly. Search Mysterious elusive groups of Social Revolutionaries and anarchists was one of the main cares of the gendarmerie police of the Bryansk district and undoubtedly became noticeable fact of local public life. This circumstance was used in self-interest of one of the representatives of the agents. In October 1916 in the hands of the police hit two typed proclamations, signed by the League of Equal Communist Anarchists. Turned on himself attention is their pompous style, fiction mystery and threatening tone, the use of digital cipher.

 It allowed The police department concludes that the proclamations rigged. As a result of a special investigation, found that the proclamations were received by the bailiff of the city of Bryansk from there is no one Klyagin who expressed a desire to become an informant for the Gendarme control in exchange for his device at the Bryansk plant with obtaining armor from the call. Klyagin knew the underworld well before the war supplied the police with criminal records, in most cases cases wrong for the sake of reward. He himself, his wife and sister-in-law livelihood mined theft. Making fake Klyagin wanted to give more weight to his services40. The appearance of proclamations originally produced on workers unfavorable impression. In a patriotic setting, it

40 Ibid, l.7. Submission of the Head of the OGUU to the Police Department. 04.11. 1916

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In the same place, l. Report of the assistant chief of the OGUU in Bryansk and Karachev counties. December 4, 1916 perceived as a phenomenon emanating from forces hostile to the Russian statehood and on this basis was not assessed as actions aimed at protecting the interests of workers, but as an act of subversion.

Thus, the appearance of the first proclamation on July 27, 1914 provoked a protest with the parties of the Bezhetsk organization of the SR party41. Similar moods persisted for quite a long time. More than a year appearance on The plant of proclamations continued to explain the intrigues of the enemy. Between themselves the craftsmen said that when the Russians were victorious, no one would scatter proclamations, and when the Germans were driven from Russia, German proclamations. In Raditz, the famous old Social Democrat, a former worker leader during the 1905 revolution, told the workers that these proclamations “Released beyond our desire, by the Germans or their minions. At present, Russia is already suffering from the dominance of the Germans, who want it completely enslaved.